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run rabbit run

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The Avatars

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A poster per episode: A Voice in the Night

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The only thing that bending has brought to the world is suffering.  It has been the cause of every war of every era, but that is about to change.  My followers and I will not rest until the entire city achieves equality and once that goal is achieved, we will equalize the rest of the world.  The revolution has begun

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I used to think it was impossible for a thing to make you incredibly happy and sad at the same time.

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I tried that evil photoshop again…I just don’t learn do I?

Its not finished…but then again…hardly anything I post is…OTL


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LOK Scenery: The Voice in the Night

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“I can handle myself”

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Hey guys!

I know it’s little early but there’s going to be an Avatar Fandom Secret Santa happening (so both LoK and A:tLA fans) and Sign-Ups will be starting this Monday over at avatarsecretsanta.

The blog will be unlocked on Monday as well.

Check it out then and I hope you guys will participate! <33


Now that I’ve finished posting all the tracks on avatarsoundtracks, I’m putting up a masterpost with all the A:TLA and LOK soundtracks to download. They’re in .zip files via Mediafire. Included are some tracks that I didn’t upload onto the blog. 

All credits go to The Track Team. 

A:TLA Soundtrack

LOK Soundtrack

Bonus: A collection of scenery caps from episodes 1 and 2 of The Legend of Korra, wallpaper size. (Note: only in 1920x1080) 

Screencaps from avatarspirit.net, edited by me.

Note: The A:TLA OST download is a fairly large file (about 90 MB), so if that’s too big, check the faq for an alternative download (not mine).

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